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Marshmallow Brigade's Journal
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Tuesday, January 6th, 2004
8:16 am
Little Debbies and STRESS!!!!!
New here (Howdy Folks!), but I HAD to share:

Ok, saw this new commercial for Little Debbies Valentines cakes:

Boy Cuts out a big heart writes GIRLS NAME and puts it on a box of the Little Debbie Heart cakes (Choclate fudge stripes).

He sets it on her desk at school. She looks at it and stares around the room...the boy FORGOT to put who it was FROM (IDIOT)! And the girl locks eyes with some slick kid just beyond the boy (Slick kids nods and points to the girl...ewwwwww).

Ok, at this point the boy slouches in his seat saddened!!!! They cut to a shot of the compnay Logo! OH MAN I AM SO STRESSED OUT...This CANT be!

I feel for the guy... He bought a WHOLE BOX: Those things are like 1.19 DUDE! DUDE! DUDE! $1 frellin' .19 DUDE! Not the Cheap 99 cent box of Zebra cakes! I am so upset... They couldnt end it there?!?!?!

Finally, the girl comes to the RIGHT boy, stands in front of his desk and Winks at him... WHEW! I was so relieved! But the Tension was there... Good call!

BTW all... My fav Little Debbies: Swiss Roll Cakes (have to be chilled though), Zebra Cakes (THE BIG Single packed ONE ROCKS) and Cosmic Brownies (Honey Buns are ok too, but lately they dont seem to have as much frosted coating!).

Little Debbies is owned by the McKeee Family (they too are Vegetarians...at least their founders were, but the company carries on the tradition). They put no animal fats or biproducts aside from dairy in their foods (They use Kosher Gelatin from plant based products...no animal gelatin! So even their Rice Krispie Bars are safe!). Me Likee them for that...Screw Hostess and Dolly Madison (But Vanilla Zingers were the bomb when I was younger)!

And my own history on Chilled Swiss Roll cakes... My mom used to buy bulk and freeze our snacks...she would LOCK the freezer. We quickly learned how to pick the lock, and we'd eat the snack quickly and quietly, but we had to learn to appreciate them frozen... There ya go, and now, I cant enjoy room temp Swiss Roll cakes!

Good Snackin' Gang!!! PEACE OUT!
Thursday, May 9th, 2002
3:37 pm
I'm hungry.
Well, tonight I get to order a HUNDRED BUCKS worth of PIZZA! I can't fucking wait.. It'll be AWESOME!

Just thought I'd share!

[I'm fat! You fucking know it!]

Current Mood: hungry
Sunday, December 16th, 2001
9:34 pm
my first post, woo.
Okay. I'm totally blissin over my comments to iceboyX. He started bashin darling brian and I went to defend his honor! No one disses brian without getting in trouble. *flexes muscles* Just the way I am.

I don't think Becky appreciated what I had to say to him though. Oh well, I guess I'm just not above that whole defending-friends-thing. Doesn't matter.

There was no true point to this whole post other than gloating about my verbal assault.

Current Mood: flirty
Tuesday, December 11th, 2001
11:16 pm
Damn Caf food...It NEVER Fills you up!!

Dear Ganesh! I am *SO* hungry. I have no money left on my declining balance (Lunch and breakfast foods), so I have to deal with the shitty dinner's that Aramark makes. Now I got two hamburgers, at 5 pm, and now at 11:18 pm I am ready for another four meals.

One can only pray that I survive. Dear Ganesh, I need food.


Current Mood: hungry
10:38 pm
Fucking Health Nuts!

American Kids Are Getting Fatter

By LINDSEY TANNER, AP Medical Writer

CHICAGO (AP) - American children are getting fatter at an alarming
rate, with the percentage of significantly overweight black and Hispanic
youngsters more than doubling over 12 years and climbing 50 percent
among whites, a study shows.

By 1998, nearly 22 percent of black children ages 4 to 12 were
overweight, as were 22 percent of Hispanic youngsters and 12 percent
of whites, according to researchers who analyzed data from a national

In 1986, the same survey showed that about 8 percent of black
children, 10 percent of Hispanic youngsters and 8 percent of whites
were significantly overweight.

``Prior studies show it took 30 years for the overweight prevalence to
double in American children,'' said Dr. Richard Strauss, a pediatrician at
the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey-Robert Wood
Johnson Medical School. This study should be ``a call to action,'' said
Strauss, who conducted the research with Harold Pollack of the
University of Michigan.

Among the reasons given for the increase: Children are spending much
more time watching television, using computers and playing video
games, and busy parents are relying more on fast food to feed their

Also, black and Hispanic youngsters are more likely to live in poor
neighborhoods where outdoor exercise may be unsafe and where the
quickest, easiest foods may not be the most nutritious, Strauss said.

The study was based on data from the National Longitudinal Survey of
Youth, which followed a nationally representative sample of 8,270
youngsters from 1986 to 1998. The findings appear in Wednesday's
Journal of the American Medical Association (news - web sites).

Overweight was defined as having a body-mass index higher than 95
percent of youngsters of the same age and sex, based on growth charts
from the 1960s to 1980s. By some criteria, that would be considered
obese. Body-mass index is a measurement of weight relative to height.

Disturbing trends also were seen in the number of children who had a
body-mass index higher than 85 percent of their peers. In 1986, about
20 percent of blacks, Hispanics and whites alike were in that category.
By 1998, those figures had risen to about 38 percent of blacks and
Hispanics alike and nearly 29 percent of whites.

``These trends carry enormous public health implications, because of the
known effects of excess body weight on the risk for type 2 diabetes,
heart disease and other complications,'' said Dr. David Ludwig, director
of the obesity program at Children's Hospital in Boston.

Dr. Rebecca Unger, a pediatrician and nutrition specialist at Children's
Memorial Hospital in Chicago, said small changes in children's diets can
make a big difference.

``If we can catch a 3-year-old who's still on a bottle, drinks tons and
tons of juice, and goes to McDonald's five times a week, we can stop
the bottle, cut out the juice, eat at McDonald's only two times a week -
and you will see a tremendous difference in growth pattern,'' Unger said.

You can view it here too...

Current Mood: busy
Sunday, December 9th, 2001
12:51 am
I went to NY tonite
I went to NYC today, but more importantly, this is how we ate.

Left at 8am, stopped at around 10 o' clock at McDonald's. Personally, I think that the dinner at McDonald's is more bang for your buck, but they were still serving breakfast DESPITE their advertisement that it stopped at 10. Their service was slow. Their hash browns were mediocre.

NEXT, I ate in Greenwich village, at the lovely restaraunt, A Salt and Battery. I got Shrimp and Chips. It was so good. Oh, the shrimp was fluffy and covered in greasy coats of lovely fried goodness. The "chips" or fries (the restaraunt was run by British people, go figure), were the rectangular kind with a little skin left on it, they were exceptional.

Me and Dori stopped at Primeburger for a bathroom and a snack. We both had hot chocolate, she got tomato soup, and I got chocolate cake (as a proper fat person should).


The fucking bus did NOT stop on the way back for food. DID NOT STOP. I was enraged.

Myself and bandy came running back to our dorm and immediately phoned an order into our local pizzeria. I'm getting a bacon cheeseburger grinder and mountain dew.

Current Mood: HUNGRY!!
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