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The Bee: Cartoonist,Toy Collector & Goateed Dude

Little Debbies and STRESS!!!!!

New here (Howdy Folks!), but I HAD to share:

Ok, saw this new commercial for Little Debbies Valentines cakes:

Boy Cuts out a big heart writes GIRLS NAME and puts it on a box of the Little Debbie Heart cakes (Choclate fudge stripes).

He sets it on her desk at school. She looks at it and stares around the room...the boy FORGOT to put who it was FROM (IDIOT)! And the girl locks eyes with some slick kid just beyond the boy (Slick kids nods and points to the girl...ewwwwww).

Ok, at this point the boy slouches in his seat saddened!!!! They cut to a shot of the compnay Logo! OH MAN I AM SO STRESSED OUT...This CANT be!

I feel for the guy... He bought a WHOLE BOX: Those things are like 1.19 DUDE! DUDE! DUDE! $1 frellin' .19 DUDE! Not the Cheap 99 cent box of Zebra cakes! I am so upset... They couldnt end it there?!?!?!

Finally, the girl comes to the RIGHT boy, stands in front of his desk and Winks at him... WHEW! I was so relieved! But the Tension was there... Good call!

BTW all... My fav Little Debbies: Swiss Roll Cakes (have to be chilled though), Zebra Cakes (THE BIG Single packed ONE ROCKS) and Cosmic Brownies (Honey Buns are ok too, but lately they dont seem to have as much frosted coating!).

Little Debbies is owned by the McKeee Family (they too are least their founders were, but the company carries on the tradition). They put no animal fats or biproducts aside from dairy in their foods (They use Kosher Gelatin from plant based animal gelatin! So even their Rice Krispie Bars are safe!). Me Likee them for that...Screw Hostess and Dolly Madison (But Vanilla Zingers were the bomb when I was younger)!

And my own history on Chilled Swiss Roll cakes... My mom used to buy bulk and freeze our snacks...she would LOCK the freezer. We quickly learned how to pick the lock, and we'd eat the snack quickly and quietly, but we had to learn to appreciate them frozen... There ya go, and now, I cant enjoy room temp Swiss Roll cakes!

Good Snackin' Gang!!! PEACE OUT!
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