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I went to NY tonite

I went to NYC today, but more importantly, this is how we ate.

Left at 8am, stopped at around 10 o' clock at McDonald's. Personally, I think that the dinner at McDonald's is more bang for your buck, but they were still serving breakfast DESPITE their advertisement that it stopped at 10. Their service was slow. Their hash browns were mediocre.

NEXT, I ate in Greenwich village, at the lovely restaraunt, A Salt and Battery. I got Shrimp and Chips. It was so good. Oh, the shrimp was fluffy and covered in greasy coats of lovely fried goodness. The "chips" or fries (the restaraunt was run by British people, go figure), were the rectangular kind with a little skin left on it, they were exceptional.

Me and Dori stopped at Primeburger for a bathroom and a snack. We both had hot chocolate, she got tomato soup, and I got chocolate cake (as a proper fat person should).


The fucking bus did NOT stop on the way back for food. DID NOT STOP. I was enraged.

Myself and bandy came running back to our dorm and immediately phoned an order into our local pizzeria. I'm getting a bacon cheeseburger grinder and mountain dew.
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